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Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview room

On Tuesday, January 14th, the Harvey County Sexual Assault Response Team will meet at the North Newton Police Department at noon.  There will be a presentation by Officer Josh Lowe, who is a certified in the F.E.T.I. (Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview).  Afterward, the group will tour the new office for the trauma-informed interview space by […]

Safety Planning for the Holidays

The holidays are often a time of joy and community, but for people in abusive relationships, the holidays can be stressful and dangerous. Spending time with family and friends, dealing with financial stress and traveling can make safety planning a challenge. Family and friends of survivors may also struggle to find ways to help or […]

12 Tips on Cell Phone Safety and Privacy

As cell phones become smarter, they’re more like mini computers that contain lots of personal information about us. Here are 12 easy steps to take to manage your privacy and safety when using your cell phone. 1. Put a passcode on your phone. The easiest thing for you to do is to put a passcode […]

50 Obstacles to Leaving: 11–20

Can you imagine the frustration of a victim being asked, “Why don’t you just leave?” While leaving seems like a quick and easy fix to escape abuse, we know that leaving an abusive partner is a complicated, difficult challenge and often the most dangerous time in a relationship. Victims have many reasons for staying. Last […]

50 Obstacles to Leaving: 1–10

Leaving is not easy. On average, it takes a victim seven times to leave before staying away for good. Exiting the relationship is most unsafe time for a victim. As the abuser senses that they’re losing power, they will often act in dangerous ways to regain control over their victim. We know victim’s frustrations with […]

Tips for Safely Reaching Out for Support

Being in a relationship should not mean you lose your right to privacy or your right to talk to whomever you like. But in an abusive relationship, an abusive person may isolate their partner from sources of support. This is often done by checking their partner’s call log and text history or denying their partner […]

January High Needs List

Items donated to Safehope assist in providing safety and healing to local adults and their children affected by Domestic and Sexual Violence. Together we can #CreateTheEnd to Domestic and Sexual Violence.

Behind the Screens: Reducing Tech Footprints

This is a post in our Behind the Screens series, which explores issues related to digital abuse. This post was written by Lauren, a Hotline advocate. When navigating an abusive relationship it is important to have safe access to online resources and communication. Sometimes an abusive partner might monitor computer usage by checking web browsing […]